Carman Spoto is a filmmaker and film theorist from the Philadelphia area who now works and resides in Los Angeles, California. As a video artist and filmmaker she strives to push the medium to its furthest extents, where narrative cinema and experimental cinema intersect, and to create visual representations of time and memory in lieu of traditional storytelling processes. As an anarchist, Carman expounds political praxis and theory into her cinema in order to contextualize societal issues and demonstrate personal(political) responses to them.

Carman’s approach to her filmmaking is guerilla in nature, however as a Union 1st Assistant Camerawoman on major films and productions, she knows to prioritize the needs and safety of her cast and crew. As a transgender woman, Carman seeks to foreground transgender people, especially transgender people of color, in her work, in positions in both the cast and crew. Through Swine Films, her production company, Carman has directed, written, and produced four feature films: What Color is Blue, PhaesporiaHylo, and Going Under, and multiple short films including Soless , AntennaRegardless of TimeThis Planet Wasn’t Made for Us, and Beaux. Her films have played in film festivals all over the U.S. and in Europe.

Carman provides for herself working as a 1st Assistant Camera Operator and is a member of the IATSE Local 600.