• Run Time: 121 minutes

  • Black and White

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.618:1

  • Audio: Stereo

  • Language: English

  • Year: 2015


Arazel Newman

Annie Mok


Carman Spoto


Quinn Dougherty

Festivals and Awards

Chicago Arthouse International Film Festival


Phaesporia is a film of cycles and repetition. We are trapped on a plateau of patterns, a temporal cycle, a cycle that needs to be broken in order for progress to occur. Phaesporia is both an experiment and a study in the destruction of these unnatural cycles in which we remain stuck. It is a means of liberation from the plateaus of our cultures into a truly progressive world free of oppression. Phaesporia is the transference from cycle to an ever-extending spiral.

This cycle has extended in infinite directions over the world for countless millennia. I expand this universality of the cycle, through the imagery and narratives of historical cultures. Thus the film intersects a myriad of mythologies including those of the Judeo-Christian, Greek, Hindu, Buddhist, and more. I strive to equate these mythologies to the mythology of the warriors of our time and elevate modern conflicts to an equal plane in history.